Here at Gymphlex Limited for over 100 years we have been creating not only the perfect sportswear garment but also perfect memories - enjoy 'Our Journey'.

SS18 Collection

2017 - Pitti Uomo - Capsule Paris - Capsule New York

Gymphlex are proud to launch the SS18 Collection at the Pitti Uomo Show in Florence, Capsule Show in Paris and Capsule Show in New York

2017 Photoshoot

2017 Photoshoot for SS18 Collection

We had a fabulous photoshoot in Victoria Park, Leicester for our Spring/Summer 2018 Collection - our thanks to photographer - Neil Hoyle and model - Lewis Thompson

Capsule Paris Exhibition

2016 Gymphlex attend Capsule Paris Exhibition

Gymphlex exhibit at Capsule Paris - we are very proud of our AW17 Collection.

2016 Photoshoot

2016 - Photoshoot for AW17 Collection

Gymphlex had a great photoshoot for our AW17 Collection at the 'Leicester Squash Club' - we thank you for your hospitatilty and also to our photographer - Neil Hoyle and models - Toby and Bee

2016 Invited Again to Jacket Required

2016 New SS Collections At 'Jacket Required'

Gymphlex are once again invited to exhibit at the trade show, 'Jacket Required' in London. This time we were presenting our new Made In England range for 2017 alongside our International collection from Japan

2016 Lyon Woodstock Gymphlex Hero

2016 Lyon Woodstock Became A Gymphlex Hero

British boxing sensation, Lyon Woodstock becomes a Gymphlex Hero. Read his story here on our journal.

2016 Gymphlex Branding

2016 Gymphlex Branding

After 110 years in business, Gymphlex refreshes it's branding based on our early 1900's identity.

2015 Mari Taylor Gymphlex Hero

2015 Mari Taylor Became A Gymphlex Hero

England capped Squash superstar, Mari Taylor becomes one of our Gymphlex Heroes. Read her story on our 'Heroes' page.

2015 Gymphlex attend Jacket Required Exhibition

2015 Gymphlex Attend Jacket Required Exhibition

Gymphlex were excited to be invited to the prestigious show "Jacket Required" to show off their first Autumn/Winter range, including pieces from Japan and the UK

2015 Ed Sheeran Wears Gymphlex

2015 Ed Sheeran Wears Gymphlex

Ed Sheeran chooses Gymphlex

2015 Gymphlex bring manufacturing back to the UK

2015 Gymphlex Bring Manufacturing Back To The UK

Gymphlex are proud to announce the launch of a new collection that will be manufactured not only here in the UK, but actually in Leicester, where it all began back in 1906.

2014 FHM Magazine George Ezra

2014 FHM Magazine Features George Ezra

George Ezra wears Gymphlex for FHM Collections.

2014 Coach Magazine

2014 Coach Magazine

Gymphlex appear in Coach Magazine

2014 Head Office Move

2014 Gymphlex Ltd Relocates to a New Head Office

After over 70 years  at Stamford Street, Leicester - Gymphlex relocates to a new self-contained head office.

2013 Japan comes to the UK

2013 our Japanese Distributors Visit The UK

In discussion for the next seasons collections, our Japanese Distributors visit the UK to meetour Executive Chairman and Head Designer.

2013 Gymphlex Sportswear Since 1906 Launch

2013 Gymphlex Sportswear Since 1906 Launch

A 'soft launch' of our first 'Gymphlex Originals' collection, a range of everyday leisurewear inspired by our sporting heritage. This collection had been selling exclusively in Japan, but from June 2013 it was sold to other Countries around the world. 


2011 Launch Of ONE NINE ZERO SIX Brand

This year saw the launch of our super luxury menswear collection, all made in England and based on 100 years of sportswear manufacture and heritage.

2008 GFORCE Sportswear Launch

2008 GFORCE Sportswear Launch

The GFORCE Sportswear brand was launched in 2008 by Gymphlex, utilising the latest in technical fabrics and designs. This range is ideal for Teams, Clubs, Universities and Schools, and was designed for the modern game -  www.gforcesportswear.co.uk

2009 Gymphlex Visit Japan

2008 Gymphlex Visit Japan

Our Executive Chairman James Greenlees working hard again whilst visiting our Japanese Distributors

2007 B-Shop in Japan

2007 B-Shop Japan

Executive Chairman James Greenlees took a trip to meet our many customers in Japan.

2006 Happy 100th Birthday

2006 Happy 100th Birthday

Gymphlex Ltd celebrate 100 years of manufacturing sportswear.

2002 Gymphlex and Margaret Howell

2002 Gymphlex and Margaret Howell

Gymphlex began manufacturing for Margaret Howell, an iconic brand in both Japan and the UK.

2001 Gymphlex and Burberry

2001 Gymphlex and Burberry

After 100 years of manufacturing quality sportswear, it's hard not to get noticed!

1998 Gymphlex Wins in Japan

1998 Gymphlex Rises In The East

Gymphlex wins £500,000 order from Japan.

1990 Gymphlex Exports

1990 Gymphlex Exports

Gymphlex first exports to Japan and the USA, and quickly becomes the largest exported of Rugby shorts to the US.

1980's Brochure covers

1980's Brochures Through The Decades

We have a fabulous archive of Brochures, Price lists and Marketing material, which still inspires items that we make today.

1986 Happy 80th Birthday Gymphlex

1986 Gymphlex Celebrates 50th Birthday

Gymphlex celebrates 80 years as a brand. Mr George Greenlees starts the birthday celebrations by opening gifts from staff and friends.

1980 Prince Charles and the Queen

1980 Her Magesty Congratulating Prince Charles

Another great photograph from our archive of the Queen congratulating Prince Charles on a win at Polo, whilst wearing his Gymphlex team kit of course!

1980 Prince Charles chooses Gymphlex

1980 Polo Team Choose Gymphlex

Prince Charles and the rest of his Polo team choose Gymphlex for their Polo team shirts.

1978 Margaret Thatcher Visit

1978 Margaret Thatcher Visits Leicester

UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher visited our Leicester Factory and meets our current Executive Chairman James Greenless (aged 10) and his sister Nicky.

1976 Gymphlex Leisurewear

1976 Gymphlex Leisurewear

From the Gymphlex archive, take a look at one of our Sales Boards that presented our Sportswear range of the day!

1974 Horncastle has a fire

1974 Gymphlex's New Factory Devastated By Fire

A fire leaves the new Horncastle factory devastated. With a British stiff-upper-lip, Gymphlex moves back to their old factory building and continue production

1973 Purpose built Horncastle Factory

1973 A New Era For Gymphlex

In 1973 Gymphlex moved to a purpose built single-storey factory on Boston Road, Horncastle.

1970's Brochure Covers

1970's Brochures Through The Decades

Here is a glimpse of some of our fabulous archive of brochures and price lists, this time from the 70's.

1959 Gymphlex Supply Ladybird

1959 Gymphlex Supply Ladybird

Gymphlex began supplying Ladybird Childrenswear, a household name sold through Woolworths Ltd.

1953 RAF Royal Tournament

1953 Ladies In Formation At The Royal Tournament

Ladies wearing Gymphlex at the RAF Royal Tournament.

1953 RAF Royal Tournament

1953 Gymphlex At The RAF Royal Tournament

Gymphlex provides sportswear to the Military Tattoo and the RAF Royal Tournament.

1950 Gymphlex at Wembley FA Cup Final Again

1950 Gymphlex At Wembley For The Second Year

Gymphlex again supplied the training suits for the FA Cup Final at Wembley. The match was between Arsenal and Liverpool.

1949 FA Cup Final Wembley

1949 Gymphlex on-call at The FA Cup Final Wembley

Gymphlex supplied the training suits at the FA Cup final at Wembley. The match was between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Leicester City. Wolverhampton went on to win the match 3-1.

1949 Ryder Cup

1949 Gymphlex Supplies Both Ryder Cup Teams

Gymphlex supplied both the British and USA Ryder cup teams with Wincheater Jackets. This prestigious event was held at the Ganton Golf Club in Scarborough. The United States team won the competition by a score of 7 to 5 points.

1947 The British Squash Team look to Gymphlex

1947 The British Squash Team Wear Gymphlex

Mahmoud El Karim, the World Champion Squash player chooses Gymphlex.

1947 Dennis Compton Playing for England

1947 Dennis Compton Chooses Gymphlex

Dennis Compton chose Gymphlex for his Cricket whites whilst playing for England. In 1947 Compton thrilled the war-weary English public with his cavalier batting, he scored five centuries, one for Middlesex and four for England.

1947 British Swim Team

1947 British Swimming Team Choose Gymphlex

The British Swimming team chose Gymphlex training suits for the Monte Carlo Championships. Great Britain came 5th in the medal table winning: 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze.

1946 Relocate to Lincolnshire

1946 - Relocation To Lincolnshire

Gymphlex expanding their manufacturing to Horncastle, Lincolnshire.

1940 Netball Association

1940 - All England Netball Chooses Gymphlex 

All England Netball Association adopted a special outfit exclusively designed and made by Gymphlex.

Archive Football Kit

Repton Football Team Choose Gymphlex

From our archive this Football team chose to wear Gymphlex.

1930's Gymnastics

Wellington Gymnastics Team Choose Gymphlex

From our archive, this Gymnastics team chose to wear Gymphlex.

1934 Leicester Tigers

1934-1935 - Leicester Tigers Choose Gymphlex 

For the 1934/35 season Leicester Tigers chose Gymphlex as their official kit supplier. Harry Greenlees the son of the founder of Gymphlex, captained the side.

1934 Scottish Rugby team

1928-1934 Harry Greenlees Plays for Scotland

Harry Greenlees, the owner of Gymphlex at that time (and the grandfather of the current owner, James Greenlees) played for Scotland at fly-half. Seen here at Twickenham before a match being greeted by the King of England.

1933 Bobby Meredith Tennis Captain

1933 - Bobby Meridith, Plays for England 

In 1933 Bobby Meredith, (Grandfather to the current owner, James Greenless), chooses Gymphlex. He competed at every Wimbledon held between 1933 and 1950 and was Leicestershire County champion from 1942-1946 and 1948-1951. 

1930 Scotland Rugby

1930 - The Scotland Rugby Team Choose Gymphlex

The Scotland Rugby team choose Gymphlex as their official kit supplier. This team photograph was taken at Twickenham following a successful year with our founders son, Harry Greenlees playing at fly-half.

1929 Leicester Sports

1929 - Our Very Own Shop

Sports Ltd, run and owned by Bobby Meredith, the current owners grandfather, was part of the family's business, selling specialist sports equipment and clothing.

1924 Leicestershire Gentlemens Cricket

1924 - Leicestershire Cricket

Leicestershire Gentlemen vs Public Schoolboys cricket match, all in Gymphlex whites

1906 Gymphlex Family

1906 - Gymphlex Is Founded

This Greenlees family firm was founded by James Gardner Grahame and James Greenlees on London Road in Leicester, supplying school daywear and Gymphlex PE clothing to local schools. This was the start of a British Sportswear Manufacturing Institution.