Reiss Beckford

We welcome sucessful International Gymnast, Reiss Beckford to our #gymphlexhero team! With numerous achievements under his belt, the 26 year old aims to continue his sporting journey and compete in the Olympics. We find exactly what strives Reiss to continue his dream, the challenges he faces and what he loves about his sport....


 When did your passion for Gymnastics begin & what do you love most about it?

 My passion for gymnastics started as a 6 year old boy at primary school, and that passion has never and don’t think ever will leave me. The thing I love most about gymnastics is it is very unusual, it’s not the same as any other sport…I like to be different.


What’s your favourite Gymnastics move to perform?

 My favourite gymnastics skill is a Cassina, its a double straight somersault over the high bar with a full twist to catch the bar again.



What motivates you?

 There are a couple of things that motivate me, my dream of going to an Olympic games and inspire the next generation.


Who is your biggest inspiration?

 If we are talking about sporting inspiration I would have to say Kohei Uchimura, Japanese gymnast. Not only is you double Olympic champion and also won 6 world titles in a row but he performs gymnastics with style and excellence which to me is amazing.


What has been your biggest challenge to date?

 To date my biggest challenge would be juggling working to fund myself and training. As a  non-funded athlete I have to work to fund my training and competition.


If you were to give some advice to other young hopefuls what would you say?

 My advice would be, if you love what you are doing, give your all as you may not be able to do it forever.


When you’re not busy training, what do you like to do in your spare time?

 I’m a big kid at heart, I love playing PlayStation and watching movies either at home or at the cinema. I’m into fashion and photography, just anything that allows me to be creative.


We can see that you enjoy vlogging, what do you like about it?

 I do really enjoy vlogging. I love that I can document a few days a week of my life to look back on and also share my experiences with people who are interested. Allows people to learn from my mistakes without having to make them themselves.


What’s your biggest goal for 2018?

 For 2018 I would love to make an all-round final at the commonwealth games and to get a medal would be a huge bonus. After that I would again like to make an all-round final at the world championships.


To find out more about Reiss, check out his YouTube Channel to watch incredible training videos and competitions...