Gymphlex: Autumn Gear - Reviewed By Halcyon

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Gymphlex: Autumn Gear - Reviewed By Halcyon
October 17, 2014

Halcyon Online are the latest company to look at our Autumn/Winter 2014r range and here is what they had to say...

Conkers are on laces whilst dark ales are becoming increasingly attractive.

It’s quite cold, but not cold enough to dust the leather flyer off just yet (you’ll be roasting cycling to Sainsbury's in that). Step forward Gymphlex and their AW/14 Pre-Fall collection, for your mild autumnal needs.

The classic sportswear specialists have developed quite the portfolio over the years, manufacturing goods for sports clubs, universities and schools, as well as fashion houses such as Burberry and Barbour.

Combining evocative varsity colours with unique fabric and design knowledge, Gymplex’s latest campaign offers serious comfort and timeless appeal. Imagine for a minute the college quarterback was English, knew how to dress and had the languid style of the high school slacker? This line evokes all that good stuff.

The sporting theme serves as a starting point for a fine casual aesthetic, infusing brushed wool jumpers, collegiate tees and smart polos. With prices starting at thirty sheets, fund it with your left-over dinner money.

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[Article Source] Words by Jonathan Frederick Turton