Catch up with Ben Heath

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Catch up with Ben Heath
May 19, 2017

As The Strawberries four month tour comes to an incredible end, talented drummer Ben Heath reflects on the bands achievements and personal highlights of 2017 so far. ‘’We've had some incredible gigs this tour, it'd be hard to narrow it down to just one or two in particular. The crowd energy seems to be getting stronger than ever and it's pushing us to put on the shows they deserve’’ Heath explains.

With the band touring up and down the country, Ben has travelled to many towns and cities in the UK. ‘’To name a few memorable shows, I'd have to put London, Bristol, Scunthorpe, Manchester and Doncaster in my personal top 5 over the last two months, not necessarily in that order. My main highlight would have to be meeting and playing to new people in new cities. The response has been overwhelming. People singing our songs back to us in cities we've never been to before is definitely a weird new experience’’, the band member says.

With an increasing fan base, the band is steadily reaching a larger and wider audience, this was also helped by an exciting opportunity to perform on BBC Introducing West Yorkshire, with the bands Psychedelic Rock’n’roll vibes reaching the ears of thousands of avid listeners. ‘’I think our biggest achievement so far this year would have to be the success of our most recent single 'Fantasy Machine'. Everywhere we go, that's what people want to talk about. We've had a quite a bit of attention off the back of it too which has led to some exciting opportunities and put us in touch with some great people’’. For the rest of 2017, the band are hoping to secure some gigs during the festival season, and a new single coming soon! Get all The Strawberries news and gig updates by heading over to their Facebook page.