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Exhibition Ready with AW17 collection
February 6, 2017

It’s been a busy start to the year for Gymphlex! With two exhibitions in London and Paris already attended in January, the team have spent much time preparing the newly announced Autumn/Winter ’17 range, which was showcased to many potential buyers and the press.

With a UK sporting heritage dating back to 1906, Gymphlex interprets its rich sporting heritage by incorporating subtle hints of sporting design along with inspiration from their archive into all of their garments. The new range consists of a  collection of sports inspired leisurewear pieces, mainly manufactured in Japan and the UK ranging from jogging bottoms to shirts and outerwear.

Executive Chairman, James Greenlees is the fourth generation owner of Gymphlex, leading the business to a new era with a refreshed brand image, website and collection- ready to embrace exhibition world by storm;

What can we expect from your upcoming AW17 collection?

We have taken the collection back to our roots. Archive fabrics, school colours, and traditional designs are the order of the day. We wanted to remind everyone where school and university sportswear first started, and that we were manufacturing when it was! We have combined a sports element in our UK pieces with a more sophisticated look with our Japanese items too. Hopefully this will give everyone a reason to find their favourite piece!

Which element of the collection are you most proud of?

I especially love the simplistic nature of the UK made part of the range this season; simple colour blocks, school prints, relaxed styling, lovely soft fabrics. It’s a real look back at what we all used to wear when we were young, but with a contemporary twist. The Japanese elements of the collection are as always beautifully made, in the very best bespoke fabrics, and in very contemporary shapes and colours. Our outerwear and shirting is superb, our technical pieces great for sport or leisure, and our knitted sports pieces are so very original.

If you could describe you AW17 collection in one word, what would that be?

Everyday-Essentials (oops; 2 words, although they are hyphenated!)

What opportunities do exhibitions offer Gymphlex?

They are the perfect place to meet potential buyers, and to show them what we are all about. The quality of our fabrics and manufacture are key selling points for us, and this can only be presented face to face. Buyers travel around the key shows in order to meet new brands like us, so we must be there to greet them and tell our story. After all, we have so much to talk about, and all of it totally real and relevant to our collections.

Do you have any other exhibitions in mind for this year?

Paris, New York and Italy will be our main focus for 2017. Initially we see the international marketplace as key for our growth, as these stores appear to like the English and Japanese focus of our production, along with our real sporting heritage. The UK is our home, and we hope to work on a one-to-one basis with the stores who would like to talk to us here. London Fashion Week will also be something we look to work on, offering the UK trade a chance to see what we are all about.

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