How to wear a Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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How to wear a Long Sleeve T-Shirt
October 24, 2017

Like the thought of wearing a long sleeve T-Shirt this season? Read this handy guide for all your style needs, hint and tips

Firstly, let’s begin with a little history of the T-Shirt…

In the 19th century T-Shirts were worn as an undergarment, which steadily transitioned to become a wardrobe essential that we know and love today. Created with a crewneck, and named after its iconic T shape (long body and two sleeves either side), the t-shirt was a popular undergarment worn by the US Navy. Waay back in 1913, and when the weather became all too hot, the sailors and marines would often take off their numerous layers of uniform to work and keep cool in their T-Shirts and trousers.

Gradually throughout the decades, the T-Shirt transitioned from it’s undergarment heritage to being worn as general-purpose, casual clothing. Soon enough an entire family of t-shirts were born; from the classic plain tee, to printed, cropped and the long sleeve relatives.

As the colder months are well and truly upon us now, there couldn’t be a better time to fill you in on our long-sleeved idea’s...

Product Spotlight 

We have some fantastic new long sleeve tee's in our Autumn/Winter range this year.  Say hello to our Banded Long Sleeve T-Shirt! Made right here in the UK, our latest tee is constructed from high quality Cotton Jersey. Featuring a contrast ribbed neckline, cuffs and a classic band cross the chest, the banded tee is definitely style statement. Relating back to our sporting archives and over 110 years of sportswear manufacture, this t-shirt subtly showcases our sporting influences with a banded design, similar to track tops, singlets and vests that we used to manufacture many years ago. 

Another garment to introduce is our expertly crafted Japanese Rugby Jersey, constructed from heavy weight Rugby Jersey fabric. Featuring a ribbed crew neck, handy chest pocket and availble in three colours, this tee is perfect to wear for both smart and casual occasions. This tee was cleverly designed from a luxuriously thick Jersey, which is commonly used to craft sporting Rugby tops, creating a rugged yet stylish garment.

Style Guide

Layer it up!

When the tough winter weather kicks in, it’s time to layer up before heading out on your morning commute. A long sleeve tee is a great layer over a classic plain tee and your favourite coat or jacket. Or, why not go to the good old days when the freezing weather strikes? Wear a long sleeve tee as an undergarment, underneath a sweatshirt or jumper to keep really keep the cold at bay.

Pair up with a hoodie…

Here at Gymphlex, we love casual, comfortable styles.. but versatility is also important. Although a hoodie may seem a little too far on the casual scale, if you team up with your favourite jeans and smarter trainers you can transform your look instantly, to a smart yet relaxed style. If you are planning a chilled out evening in front of the tv or your PS4, we think the perfect accompaniment is quality pair of joggers, so you can kick back, relax and remain comfortable.

If it’s warmth your looking for, pairing with a thick, cosy zipped hoodie is the way to go. Zip up for and keep it simple or leave undone to show off a pop of contrasted colour. 

Team with a Gilet!

If your looking to experiment with your style this season, a long sleeve tee and gilet could be your perfect style partnership. A Sherpa Fleece Gilet offers an extra comforting hug of warmth to your look, and some interesting textures. We teamed up our Grey Ruby Jersey with our Charcoal Gilet to add a subtle contrast of grey shades.

Wear on it’s own...

The weather can be unpredictable and with this, we all face the daily dilemma of what to wear. If it’s too warm for a jumper, yet too cold for a t-shirt a long sleeve tee is the perfect conclusion. Created to not be tight, yet not loose fitter either, our tee compliments any body type by providing a relaxed and comfortable fit. Team up with a pair of tight skinny's or joggers for an effortless look.