Our ultimate collection of sweatshirts & hoodies.

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Our ultimate collection of sweatshirts & hoodies.
September 3, 2018

Breaking the mould, introducing our ultimate collection of sweatshirts & hoodies.

With decades of evolving purposes, that include sportswear to functional workwear, Hoodies and Sweatshirts have eventually become a casual-wear essential and iconic fashion piece that are now undoubtedly to be found in everyone’s wardrobe.

At Gymphlex, we wanted to break the boundaries, as we believe that hoodies and sweatshirts should to be adaptable to any occasion and are not just worn for lounging at home. With our 112 years of expertise, we have continuously developed our strong heritage of quality craftsmanship to create the ultimate range.

Focusing on luxurious details - such as the inclusion of a stylish zip or drawcords, using only the finest fabrics and ensuring expert stitching, we believe that it’s these finer details that can convert a once functional classic into a modern day statement piece. Proudly crafting a garment that exudes quality, confidence and indulgence, without compromising the irresistible hug of sartorial charm that hoodies and sweatshirts inevitably offer. Quality fabric and manufacture are important to us, that’s why we use only the finest Japanese cotton fabrics, ranging from the indulgent Tsuriami cotton to the decadently thick open-end yarn.

Each season we select a range crafted from beautiful seasonal palettes, ranging from the warm autumnal shades such as mustard, burgundy and coal grey to lighter, earthy hues of taupe, oyster and terracotta- for the longer, brighter days of spring and summer. Together with our dedication to creating a range of high quality hoodies and sweatshirts, our attention to detail, mixed with seasonal on trend palettes, we are proud to create a range that you will look forward to wearing time and again!

Discover our ultimate hoodie and sweatshirt range for yourself, with a choice of different styles, fabrics and colours.