We continue to closely monitor developments with respect to the Coronavirus (COVID19). We have been taking steps to ensure the safety and working to implement visitor guidelines for those coming to our offices or warehouse around the UK.

We have also established a team that is working to determine the appropriate measures which should be taken during this unprecedented event. This team will help guide our actions in responding to a potential global outbreak including measures to reduce the spread of the illness and supply chain functions.

What are we doing to assist in the containment of the Covid-19 virus for the benefit of our staff and our customers?

  • All staff have been consulted on the Covid-19 virus and spreading the virus to others.
  • Risk assessments have been conducted on staff hygiene, head office visitors and all resultant outcomes have been actioned with immediate effect.
  • Staff holiday and work-related travel has been reduced to ‘essential travel only’ until further notice.
  • Isolation rules have been set in place for all staff visiting category 1 countries, and 2 countries.

How are we ensuring that our business can continue to function in order to fulfil our customers’ requirements?

  • We operate from two sites in different parts of the UK, and are able to carry out most of our duties from either location should one of our sites be forced to shut down due to a virus outbreak.
  • Key personnel are equipped to work remotely from their homes, thus ensuring that core duties can continue should Government advice change or self-isolation become necessary.
  • We are limiting the face-to-face contact that we have with our customers around the UK in order to support the international effort to slow down or stop the spread of the virus.
  • We are working closely with our customers to determine any potential impacts or delays to their orders. We are also verifying our suppliers’ ability to supply raw materials to our manufacturing sites around the world in order to continue to run these facilities as normal.

How are we ensuring that our goods can continue to be manufactured and delivered to our distribution centre?

  • We have an established global manufacturing footprint in order to be able to continue production of our core products at alternate locations if needs be
  • We use a mix of both sea and airfreight thus ensuring that our shipments are able to be delivered using either method during sea or air disruptions
  • We are working to secure future vessel space allocations and trace of shipments in transit to provide customers with updated estimated arrival times

We realize this situation remains very dynamic and contingency planning for events such as this.

Throughout this situation we remain committed to providing the superior service and thank you for your ongoing support.

James Greenlees