Established in 1906, we have more than one hundred years of making beautiful, practical clothing behind us.

Today, the label is a fusion of British heritage and contemporary Japanese craftsmanship: a unique hybrid that fuels everything we do.

Our garments are simple, understated and effortless. Precision and detail inform every item we make, from our quality zips, components and stitching, to our superior Japanese loom-woven fabrics.

We are selective by design, and choose only to make clothes because we believe they are good, functional and stand the test of time.

We create just two collections each year, taking time to honour and craft every single item before we bring them to launch. Sometimes we carry a favourite design for two seasons. Sometimes three. Sometimes four. What can we say? We know a classic cut. We know our fabrics. We know what works.

Gymphlex is not fast fashion. One hundred and thirteen years in the making, Gymphlex is here for the long run. Gymphlex is made to be worn, made to be lived in and Made For Life.

Our Heritage