All of the fabrics used in Gymphlex collections are made for us to our unique requirements.

Over 100 years of manufacturing high-quality sportswear that offers comfort, easy care properties, andards using the finest yarns. We work with highly respected Japanese manufacturers who consistently produce some of the best fabrics in the world. We wouldn’t make our clothes out of anything less.

一期一会 ‘One life, one encounter’

100% Brushed Cotton

Our cotton fabric undergoes a mechanical process where fine metal brushes carefully rub the fabric to produce fine fibres, creating extra softness.

100% Brushed Cotton Terry

Manufactured especially for us in a very fine yarn, the reverse side is cross-looped and lightweight to wear.

100% Combed Cotton Jersey

Our Combed Cotton Jersey has been cleaned, carded and higher quality fabric.

100% Cotton

Cotton is soft, absorbent and warm in Winter, as it is a good conductor of heat.

100% Cotton Chambray

Typically lighter than denim, and weft directions, resulting in a soft yet Vintage feel.

100% Cotton Madras Check

Our lightweight cotton Madras check is based on an original school uniform fabric, with plaid patterns uniquely designed for us. This fine woven cloth is identical on both sides.

100% Cotton Chino

Our Chino cloth is luxurious! Far from its origins as a hard-wearing British military fabric that offered comfort with camouflage properties, our Japanese made equivalent is both soft and improves with every wash.

Typewriter Cloth

A crisp plain weave cotton crafted in Japan. Lightweight and resilience with a pleasant rustling sound.

Garment-washed Jersey

Garment washed for increased comfort and drapes well.

100% Cotton Terry Loopback

Having originally been developed for sports garments, the loops on the back of the fabric are designed to absorb sweat from your body, passing it into the garment to keep you cool. The fabric is softer, resistant to pilling, and the highest quality.

100% Fl anders Linen

From the home of Linen, this 100% linen fabric is the perfect summer-shirt fabric, and freshening properties that make it ideal for those hot summer days.

Heavy-weight Cotton Jersey

A heavyweight cotton, which has a thick and washing, the fabrics shapes to the body, offering a flattering silhouette.

Open-end Cotton

Our cotton is created without the use of a traditional spindle. Premium quality, created in Japan with excellent colour fastness and softness.

100% Technical Polyester

Our technical polyester is strong, wrinkle and wind resistant properties but still allows the skin to breathe.

100% Woven Cotton

Our woven Cotton has a strong cotton weave with closely woven threads in a simple criss-cross pattern. This is a lightweight, cool weave with a smooth and silky finish. It is very breathable, so ideal on a warm day.

Triple-layered Jersey

Three layers of jersey material are knitted together, resulting in a stretchy, lightweight fabric.

High-count Poplin

High count poplin is plain weave, with the threads alternately crossing over and feel.

100 Garment-washed Cotton ‘Tsuriami’ Terry

A gravity fed ‘tensionless’ technique that creates dense, soft super luxury Terry loopback fabric, just how it used to be made in the early 1900’s.

Organic Cotton Twill

Our organic cotton twill is best recognised for its diagonal lines on the face of the fabric, it’s sturdyness, softness and resistance to wrinkles.

Supima 100% Cotton

The ‘Gymphlex Cotton Oxford’ is unique to us, however, as we use ‘Supima’ Cotton on both the warp and a superior softness.


A sturdy, tightly woven fabric made from cotton, that’s incredibly durable and has a smooth finish. Used for some of our outerwear items.

Shape Memory Polyester

A light memory weather using shape memory polyester that is stretch and easily retains it’s shape, making it ideal for outerwear pieces.

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