Bringing functional, stylish sports clothes to the people.

Back in 1906, we had one vision: to develop the best quality sportswear in Great Britain.

Durable enough for the Armed Forces and versatile enough for public schools, Gymphlex was soon established as the go-to premium British sportswear label, creating exceptional clothing for athletes as well as fashion houses such as Barbour, Margaret Howell and Burberry.

Gymphlex’s authentic heritage and clean stylish designs gained cult status in Japan. Drawn to the country’s exceptional standards of production the majority of our garments are today made in Japan.

You are now more likely to see Gymphlex on the streets of London, Tokyo, New York and Paris than on track and field. We remain true to our utilitarian origins, driven to create stylish clothing that is designed for life, Made for Life.

温故知新 ‘Review past, know future’