Simple, understated and boldly British, Gymphlex was founded to deliver functional, stylish sports clothing to the people.

Back in 1906, our vision was to develop the best quality sportswear England had ever seen.

Durable enough for the Armed Services and versatile enough for schools across the country, Gymphlex was soon established as the go-to premium British sportswear label, creating exceptional clothing for athletes, and fashion houses such as Barbour and Burberry.

Our popularity in Japan followed organically, and Gymphlex now manufacturers the majority of our garments there.

Today, you’re more likely to see Gymphlex on the streets of Tokyo and London than on the track and field, but it’s our rich heritage and history that keep us moving forward.

To this day we remain true to our humble origins, driven to make real, honest clothing designed for living in.
We are extremely proud of our roots, and all these years of passion and expertise have shaped us into the global-minded brand we are today.

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